Our Expertise ?

A set of friends and ex-colleagues grouped together and started one start-up after another burning their fingers and figured out majority of the start-ups fail early because they don’t have cost-effective/affordable support services like on-demand or ad hoc affordable designer, web developer, Sales staffs, Accountant, HR/administration officer to run the support operations.  TBS – Total Business Solutions offer just that expertise, so that you can focus on developing the business when we focus on delivering the expert support services  ! Never Hire Fast First – It burns your hard-earned money. 

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what clients say ?

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Excellent Service & Support

TBS has been my 24×7 marketing team for the last three years. I am fortunate to find them years back and even build my own personal Designer and Digital Marketing expert team. I honestly don’t wish to recommend them to others as I wan to keep them to myself. Katrena , Marketing Manager, UAE

Great support !

Total Business Solutions have been providing me the  Instant brochure-changes, quotations, mails and invoices as and when I close deals – at client sites ! I have trained the TBS team members as per my requirements and they are now experts in assisting me when I need – great convenience and  pricing.  Aishwarya ,Sales & Marketing Officer, Sharjah

Nice work ! Keep it up .

We hired their services earlier as they provided the market insights which our China team couldn’t offer – even the rates ! We now use their remote staffs as it’s much affordable for us than hiring here. Their work is fast and that’s what we need – fast, cost-effective work. What really turned me over was their ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge of the sector. 巫石全 Ivan , General Manager, OPPO - GCC

Fast Timely Delivery .

What my boss want is always fast work delivered in short time. TBS Team delivers just that to me . In addition, they are also supportive in helping us with the weekly workloads during our marketing campaigns. It's an extended flexible team we have as our back -up. Liling, Head Operations, UAE

About TBS

TBS team is a set of expert workers who came together to offer affordable cost-effective support services to start-ups, small and medium companies and grouped them together to support each other through a business club –  TBS BizClub.

TBS team now offers advanced  TBOT model solution as well – Test, Build, Operate, Transfer. We Test the market, Build basic processes , Operate the company and Transfer the entire company into your hands !


TBS - Total Business Solutions